Online marketing

is quite a broad term which is ever expanding.

Click Analysis love all types of Online Marketing and are happy to assist you with any plan or strategy you are putting in place.

I am always happy to have a free, no obligation chat to offer some advice.

An important point to note is no matter what size budget you have there is always an option for you.

Click Analysis believe in looking at your online data and analysing the information you have in order to make decisions for the future.
Find out what has worked or may have gained traction and build on this, keep your focus targeted in order to optimise your time and resources.

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campaigns mean you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked (essentially you are paying for traffic to visit your website)
Google Adwords is the most well known PPC provider.
In it's most basic form PPC Ads are the listings you see on Google's search results page that are marked with a yellow label 'Ad' however Google are continualy progressing and offer display ads, shopping ads, remarketing ads, video ads & more.

While Google Adwords is great to grow your customer base or generate leads at low cost it is vital that you manage your campaigns effectively.
Google Adwords is extremely popular and users bid on various keywords, each time a search is carried out Google chooses a set of ads to appear in the ad space on its results page.
Who gets to show their ads is based on the advertisers Ad Rank, a metric calculated by CPC Bid and Quality Score.
In addition to these factors you also need to ensure your ad is aimed at the right target audience, appearing in the correct geo locations, that you are only covering keywords that are relevant to your business, review costly keywords and much more.

It is strongly advised to have your Adword campaigns managed by professional, certified individuals therefore ensuring you get the most from your allocated budget.

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ensures you rank highly in relevant search engine results, increases brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, generates leads and therefore increases sales.

For many years SEO has been measured by keyword performance and rankings, although this is of course important information it is also essential to measure the impact this is having
on your main goal or objective. (In most cases this is to get more leads or enquiries) Therefore an analysis of your conversion rate and return on investment is key to a successful campaign.

Data and strategy are key to any SEO campaign.
I am pedantic when it comes to analysing your current position, the SEO work you have done to date and your competitors. It is only after such analysis that I can then build a strategy to suit you.
No one strategy is the same Click Analysis become part of your business and strive for the growth you desire.

There is no denying SEO (search engine optimisation) also runs a risk, over the years there has been an increase in people offering this service however some can be irresponsible and not follow Googles guidelines.
In order to differentiate Click Analysis & prove our credibility Click Analysis are open to answering any questions you may have.
I am happy to sit with you and show you our SEO process and the steps we take in your campaign. Click Analysis are 100% transparent in our SEO strategies.

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Web Development

Click Analysis can assist you with all your Online Marketing needs which includes web development.
Although I am a dab hand with the coding side of things I do admit I have some good Graphic Designers who I can call upon for some design help too.

Click Analysis websites are primarily built on WordPress platforms however we do look at each project and decide what is best to suit your requirements.

In order to ensure the best service to clients we do not take on a lot of web development projects at the one time as we like to ensure you get the attention you need with such a vital piece of your online marketing.
Contact Us to check availability.

Payment plans can be discussed as well as package deals.

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Conversion Optimisation

You can have thousands of people visiting your website each day, but are they carrying out the task you need them to?
There are lots of metrics that can be measured as a conversion, this depends on your business goals and may include an online sale, an enquiry form submission, a newsletter sign up, repeat visitors etc.

In order to increase conversion rate Click Analysis will monitor and get an understanding on your websites performance.
Click Analysis do not only focus on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) we look at your company as a whole and offer any insights or advice we may have to assist you with your business.

Do you have an under performing website?
Contact Click Analysis today for a chat.

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Data Analysis

involves studying information which can then lead to cleaning, transcribing & structuring data in a way that you can use it more effectively.
Ultimately our aim is to assess information and understand it so it can assist in making supported data-driven decisions.

Data Analysis is extremely important in marketing as you need to understand where to focus your time and resources.

Data is a key influencer in marketing decisions.
Quite often people do not realise how much data can be found online and the tools available to gather data to use in your business going forward.

Click Analysis have a strong focus on Data Analysis. We believe you need to keep digging into data and asking 'Why?'
Why did traffic to our website double on Friday?
Why do people find our website when they search for such keywords?

Click Analysis use such information to understand your customers, therefore giving you a competitive advantage.

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing is not just about posting on various platforms.
More and more small to medium sized companies are using social media to advertise with Pay Per Click Advertisements.
This is all measureable and you can target a very specific audience.

I am happy to discuss any social media platforms you are interested in.

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Marketing Management

Do you need someone you can trust to oversee all your marketing efforts?
Click Analysis are happy to offer Marketing Management services where we can assist in overseeing any marketing work currently being carried out.

We can also source freelancers on your behalf should we not be able to provide a particular service ourselves.

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Marketing Consultancy

Perhaps you would like to learn more about Online Marketing and wish to have regular consultations to spend some time concentrating on your marketing efforts.

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