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PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns mean you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked (essentially you are paying for traffic to visit your website) Google Adwords is the most well known PPC provider.In it's most basic form PPC Ads are the listings you see on Google's search results page that are marked with a yellow label 'Ad' however Google are continualy progressing and offer display ads, shopping ads, remarketing ads, video ads & more.

  • While Google Adwords is great to grow your customer base or generate leads at low cost it is vital that you manage your campaigns effectively.
  • Google Adwords is extremely popular and users bid on various keywords, each time a search is carried out Google chooses a set of ads to appear in the ad space on its results page.
  • Who gets to show their ads is based on the advertisers Ad Rank, a metric calculated by CPC Bid and Quality Score.
  • In addition to these factors you also need to ensure your ad is aimed at the right target audience, appearing in the correct geo locations, that you are only covering keywords that are relevant to your business, review costly keywords and much more.

It is strongly advised to have your Adword campaigns managed by professional, certified individuals therefore ensuring you get the most from your allocated budget.

Susan at Click Analysis is a certified google adwords professional based in Perth, Western Australia.

Offering reasonably priced options to have your google adwords campaigns managed Susan also customises the management strategy for each client.

'I do not believe in a one size fits all'

Click Analysis submit monthly detailed reports on your campaigns which include our strategy/steps we plan to take in the next month of your campaign.

I am also available for regular calls to discuss your campaigns.

Google AdWords is a great way of increasing your online visibility and getting found online fast!
Unlike SEO, Google AdWords or any form of Pay Per Click advertising allows you the opportunity to be seen on Googles search engine almost immediately.

Google AdWords is a fantastic marketing tool, however be careful you measure the ROI as it can be an expensive exercise if your campaigns are not managed correctly.

Are you spending too much on your Google AdWords Campaigns?
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